4 x sweet potatoes, cut into large chunks

75ml oil

100g harissa

25g zaatar

salt & pepper

200g tahini

juice and zest 1 lemon

1 tsp garlic powder

approx. 50ml warm water

handful each mint, dill, parsley

half a lemon

75g pomegranate seeds

15g sesame seeds


1. Toss the spuds in oil, then rub on the harissa and zaatar

2. Roast at 200c for approx. 30 minutes until very charred and ‘burnt”

3. Dressing – whisk together

4. Smear the dressing on a plate/bowl, sit spuds on top

5. Toss the herbs in a little oil and lemon and sprinkle over together with sesame and pomegranate