3 x sweet potatoes, skin on

50ml oil

sea salt and black pepper

2 cloves sliced garlic

250g cooked barley (cooked in veg stock)

12 sun dried toms in oil

6 sliced radish

12 blanched stems of tender stem broccoli

8 chopped spring onions

handful rocket

25g pumpkin seeds


75ml aged balsamic

15g Dijon

zest and juice half lemon

225ml olive oil

Salt & Pepper


1. Cut the sweet potato into large chunks. (cut in half lengthways then into slices about 30mm wide). Toss in oil and s&p. Roast at 220C for approx. 45 minutes. You want them properly charred.

2. Char the broccoli in a hot dry pan

2. Dressing – whisk the vinegar, lemon and mustard, then keep whisking and add the oil. Season

3. Now simply toss it all together and serve