This recipe was provided by our Guest Chef Paul Askew.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

200g baby plum tomatoes

2 sprigs of tyme

Four pots of Southport potted shrimp available online.

8 spears of Asparagus peeled & blanched

Capers in white wine vinegar

½ a lemon, for juice & zest

4 slices of Foccacia or your favourite crusty bread

Flat leaf parsley

Parmesan shavings (done with peeler)

50g unsalted butter

25ml extra virgin olive oil

Chives one small bunch chopped finely

Shallot peeled & diced

Wild garlic leaf & flower

Handful of watercress


1. Baby Plum tomatoes cut in half, strip thyme leaves and sprinkle over tomatoes then drizzle with extra virgin olive oil on a tray. Season with sea salt & freshly milled pepper.

2. In a saucepan, melt a small knob of butter to sweat the Diced shallots without colour before adding the potted shrimp to melt down in their own naturally flavoured butter.

3. On the griddle plate (pre heated) brush both sides of the chunky sliced Focaccia with olive oil, then griddle on both sides until golden brown. At the same time, brush the asparagus spears and begin to cook.

4. Back to the saucepan, wilt the wild garlic leaves in with the shrimp and add the capers, lemon zest & juice and chopped herbs and get ready to plate.

5. In a mixing bowl Dress some of the Wirral Watercress with the olive oil & vinegar from the capers then lightly season.

6. Dress with the tomatoes & Wirral Watercress on top of the shrimp mixture on the griddled bread.

7. Enjoy with a lovely chilled Glass of Bordeaux Blanc.