Fills 6-7 glasses


3 sheets gelatin, soaked in water

500g blueberries

juice half lemon

100g sugar

tbs balsamic vinegar

150ml water

12 extra blueberries


500g blueberries

150g sugar

500ml cream

25g icing sugar

1 vanilla pod

juice and peel of a lemon


1. Jelly – put the fruit etc in a pan, bring to boil, simmer 6 mins

2. Remove from heat, then pass through a sieve

3. Add gelatin to the pan, stir well. Cool

4. Divide between the 6 tumblers, with a couple of bits of fruit in the bottom. Chill 2 hours minimum

5. Fool – put the berries, lemon, sugar in a pan, cover, cook 6 minutes to break down the fruit. Cool

6. Whisk the cream with icing sugar and vanilla

7. Fold into the fruit mix, spoon on top of the set jelly, garnish with more fruit