Base – 250g crushed cornflakes

150g melted chocolate

Filling – 3 over ripe (almost black skinned ) bananas

80ml cream

60ml milk

100g sugar

25g cornflour

3 yolks

40g butter

3x 1.7g sheets gelatin, soaked in water

2tsp yellow food colouring

200ml whipped cream with 40g icing sugar

3 perfect bananas, sliced

Serve with toffee cream


1. Base – combine the cornflakes and choc. Press into and up the sides of a 24cm tart case. Cool

2. Topping – blend the bananas, cream and milk til smooth

3. Add the sugar, yolks, cornflour

4. Cook in a saucepan for about 4mins, stirring all the time

5. Beat in the butter and squeezed out soaked gelatin (sometimes easier to blend it) and food colouring

6. Cool completely, then whisk together with the cream

7. Spoon half into the base, add a layer of banana, repeat