This recipe has been provided by our guest chef Tommy Banks

Serves 2


1 large hand dived scallop

1 large scallop shell

4 dried ceps

6 girolle mushrooms

8 fresh pea pods

150g unsalted butter

1 shallot

1 lemon

lemon verbena


1.Bake the scallop and 2 verbena leaves in the shell, which for 6 minutes on a high heat.

3. Whilst the scallop is in the oven, make the sauce by cooking the mushrooms with the shallot in butter.

4. Add the freshly podded peas, then the mushroom stock and finishing with butter and a few verbena leaves.

2. Remove the scallop from the oven, then quickly seal the scallop in a pan.

5. Carve the scallop and drizzle the sauce around.

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