1 x side of salmon (800g)

100g mayo

1 pineapple diced

400ml soy

2 cloves grated garlic

50mm piece ginger, matchsticks

175g sugar

tsp chilli flakes

juice and zest 1 lime

30g cornflour, mixed with water

Serve with cooked egg noodles mixed with diced peppers, peas, spring onions


1. Boil the soy etc for 4 minutes. Add the cornflour, boil for 2 mins and then cool

2. Sit the salmon on a piece of parchment in a baking dish

3. Spread on mayo, season well, then pour on glaze

4. Sprinkle on the diced pineapple

5. Cover with foil

6. Bake at 180C for 30-35 minutes

7. Serve with all the noodles in a bowl on the side