Sauce – 1 diced onion

Clove garlic

225g thick cut smoky bacon lardons

750g beef mince

1 diced carrot

2 sticks chopped celery

15g tom puree

tin chopped toms

100ml beef stock

200ml cream

tbs mixed Italian dried herbs

400g cooked macaroni

topping – 250g grated gruyere

100g grated parmesan

100g grated mozzarella

serve with garlic bread


1. Fry the bacon lardons til crispy, and then remove. In the same pan fry the mince in the bacon fat til browned. Remove.

2. Gently fry onion, carrot, celery, garlic for 5 mins

3. Re add the meat and puree and herbs. Cook 5mins

4. Add tomatoes and stock, bring to boil, then simmer 15mins

5. Stir in the cream to the sauce.

6. Then add the pasta to an oven proof dish, and mix in the sauce.

7. Top with cheese, bake 10-15mins at 200c til melted and browned

8. serve