500ml milk

1 loaf of sourdough bread, ripped

6 eggs

250g ricotta

175g roasted cubed butternut squash

1 finely sliced onion

250g big smoked bacon lardons

tbs chopped sage

150g buffalo mozzarella

100g grated parmesan


1. Beat the eggs, milk and ricotta together, add the bread and milk, stir well, season

2. Fry the onion gently until soft, add the bacon and fry until crisp

3. In an ovenproof dish (about 25cm squareish) spoon half of bread mix, add half the squash, mozzarella and bacon mix and sage

4. Repeat, then top with parmesan, bake at 180°c for about 45-50 minutes until set

5. Serve with tomato chutney and salad leaves

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