280g smoked bacon lardons

30ml fish sauce

For the peanut dressing

200g smooth peanut butter

30ml white wine vinegar

10ml fish sauce

75g thick greek yoghurt

For the lemon dressing

100ml olive oil

juice & zest of 1 lemon

salt & pepper

For the salad

50g rocket

50g watercress

50g pea shoots

50g shredded gem lettuce

150g roasted peanuts

12 finely sliced radish

6 finely chopped spring onion

half cucumber, deseeded and cut in to half moons


1. Cook the lardons in a pan until golden and crispy

2. Add 10 mls of fish sauce to the lardons

3. To make the peanut dressing put all ingredients in to a bowl and mix

4. Do the same to make the lemon dressing

5. Assemble – in a bowl spread the peanut dressing on the base and up the sides a little

6. Dress all the salad ingredients (except the bacon) in the lemon dressing and sit on top of the peanut dressing

7. Now scatter the bacon lardons on top of the salad and drizzle with the more of the lemon dressing

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