Drink 1: AYLESBURY DUCK VODKA - www.masterofmalt.com

Mark’s Peach Ice Tea

40ml Aylesbury Duck - Canadian wheat vodka

10ml Crème De Peche

10ml peach purée

15ml Lemon juice

80ml Earl Grey Strong Brew


All shaken over ice and fine strained into ice filled tall glass


big lemon twist on the surface of the foam

Drink 2: SQUARE ONE ORANIC RYE VODKA - www.thedrinkshop.com

Rogue Punch

50ml Square 1 organic rye vodka

35ml Rooibos tea concentrate

20ml Rye Beer reduction

20ml Regal Rogue Bold Red

10ml Lemon

1 bar spoon orange marmalade


Stir all down over ice, fine strain into teacup



Drink 3: DEATHS DOOR VODKA - www.drinksupermarket.com

Green Tea Collins

50ml Green tea infused Deaths door Vodka

100ml homemade still lemonade

12.5ml 1:1 sugar syrup

10 mint leaves


Infuse vodka with loose leaf green tea for 2 hours. Add all ingredients to a soda syphon and charge all with CO2 canister. Serve into an ice filled highball..


Mint sprig and lemon twist