Stand Up To Cancer

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    Mark's Story

    This heart-rending film explores the devastating impact on Mark of losing his wife Kate, and their youngest son Robbie to cancer

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    Annalesha's Story

    Annalesha is married with two children and has breast cancer. The treatment hasn't worked and now she could be terminal.

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    Tommy's Story

    Tommy and Yvonne had been together 46 years when cancer threatened to pull their family apart, but Tommy tells of his determination to fight it.

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    Eve's Story

    Ten-year-old Eve has a rare form of cancer. She and her two sisters reveal what it's like to fight this cancer everyday at such a young age.

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    Stand Up To Cancer 2016: Trailer

    It's payback time. Stand Up To Cancer returns to Channel 4

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    Davina's Story

    Davina McCall shares her personal story of losing her sister to cancer in 2012

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    Lloyd's Story

    Football-mad 11-year-old schoolboy Lloyd reveals what it's like to be told you have cancer and the shocking impact the treatment has had on his life.

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    Tom's Story

    Olympic gold medallist Tom Daley remembers his inspirational father who died of a brain tumour at the age of 40. An uplifting and poetic story of a father's lasting legacy.

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    Jamie's Story

    British judo champion Jamie, had the world at his feet until he discovered he had a brain tumour. Facing the fact that he won’t live to be 30 he is determined not to go out without a fight.

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    Anita's Story

    Just weeks before her wedding Anita’s life was turned upside down when she discovered she had the most aggressive form of breast cancer