Reverse The Odds is a fun and unique puzzle adventure game where the further you progress the more you are helping to beat cancer sooner. And it's all free!

Play at your own pace, whether you just have a few minutes waiting for the bus, or hours to kill on the train, you can build a wonderful Odd world and help save lives by improving cancer treatments, sooner.


  • Over 350 levels
  • Meet the Odds. A collection of unique colourful little characters who need your help to return their world to life.
  • Revitalise a desolate wasteland into an amazing wonderland
  • Easy to learn with increasing challenge and difficulty
  • Directly help Cancer Research UK scientists to beat cancer sooner
  • Combine your efforts with a worldwide community of players

By examining the patterns within cancer cell slides and identifying aspects such as the number of cells or the colour of cells, you can move up game levels and achieve rewards.

Don't worry about getting your analysis wrong – the same cell slide data will be studied by many other users to ensure accuracy and no single person's diagnosis or treatment is affected by your actions - your analysis underpins research for future treatments.

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