Stand Up To Cancer... Personal Stories

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    Sal's Story

    Sal was diagnosed with breast cancer and survived, but then discovered her sister and mother have the same condition. Optimistic and upbeat, she channels her energy into raising awareness.

    This episode is subtitled4 mins 24
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    Emily's Story

    Emily was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2011, which later spread to her lymph nodes, lungs and brain. She shared her experience and touched the lives of many. She passed away in June 2018.

    This episode is subtitled4 mins 15
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    Nicola's Story

    As Nicola's third daughter Ariya is about to be born, news that her husband's brain tumour has become life-threatening arrives. Can Nicola give birth and make it to Brett's side in time?

    This episode is subtitled4 mins 27
  • Daniel's Story

    Online influencer Daniel Thomas charts his rapid decline at the hands of cancer with a defiant spirit and a positive message: never give up, never give in

  • Charlie's Story: Stand Up To Cancer

    Charlie has been fighting cancer for the last two years but it keeps coming back. This film follows the heartfelt journey as he and his family keep going against the odds.

  • Michael's Story: Stand Up To Cancer

    Twenty-five-year-old Michael is married with a beautiful baby. Life is sweet until a rare form of cancer rips his life apart

  • Gary and George Lineker: Stand Up To Cancer

    A series of short films that cut to the heart of the impact that cancer has on people. Gary Lineker shares his story of when his first son nearly died of a rare form of blood cancer.

  • Mark Gatiss: Stand Up To Cancer

    In a powerful series of short films, celebrities open up about their fight with cancer. Mark Gatiss remembers the pain of losing his mother and sister to cancer.

  • Hamish's Story

    When the Hey family lost their son Hamish to cancer they almost fell apart. In the midst of tragedy they demonstrate the power of family, but the threat of cancer is never far away.

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    Bill Turnbull: Stand Up To Cancer

    TV and radio presenter Bill Turnbull talks frankly about the impact of cancer and his struggle with his diagnosis. He strongly advocates men getting their prostates checked.

    This episode is subtitled3 mins 57
  • Annalesha's Story

    Annalesha, married with two children, shares her fight with breast cancer

  • Robbie's Story

    Following the death of his wife and son to cancer, Mark Keville finds inspiration and hope in his son Robbie's legacy

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    Anita's Story 2017

    Anita's life was turned upside down when she discovered she had the most aggressive form of breast cancer. This film shows the tragic impact of cancer and the possibility of hope.

    This episode is subtitled4 mins 58
  • Mark's Story

    This heart-rending film explores the devastating impact on Mark of losing his wife Kate, and their youngest son Robbie to cancer

  • Tommy's Story

    Tommy and Yvonne had been together 46 years when cancer came into their life and has since threatened to pull their family apart, but Tommy tells of his determination to fight it.

  • Eve's Story

    Ten-year-old Eve has a rare form of cancer. She and her two sisters reveal what it's like to fight this cancer everyday at such a young age.

  • Jamie's Story

    British judo champion Jamie had the world at his feet until he discovered he had a brain tumour. Facing the fact that he won't live to be 30, he is determined not to go out without a fight.

  • Davina McCall: Stand Up To Cancer

    Davina McCall shares her personal story of losing her sister to cancer in 2012

  • Tom Daley: Stand Up To Cancer

    Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley remembers his inspirational father who died of a brain tumour at the age of 40. An uplifting and poetic story of a father's lasting legacy.