Stage School

    • Episode 1 - Newbies

      Donna and Bonnie welcome newbies Rachael and Casey to Stage School. And auditions for the girl band begin.

    • Episode 2 - Girl Band and Summer Showcase

      Rachael finds it tough settling in to the girl band and clashes with band member Megan. And dance auditions begin for the college's all-important Summer Showcase.

    • Episode 3 - Betsy-Blue

      Casey's girlfriend blogger and singer Betsy-Blue joins D&B and immediately ruffles a few feathers when she becomes jealous of Casey and Megan's friendship

    • Episode 4 - Rehearsals and Overruns

      Casey and Megan's showcase rehearsals overrun, which upsets Betsy. Is the girl band at breaking point before it's even started?

    • Episode 5 - The Replacement

      With Charlotte forced to leave the girlband, Megan and Rachael disagree on her replacement. Megan wants best friend Pia, but Rachael would much prefer Betsy-Blue.

    • Episode 6 - Nude

      Joe C has a novel idea to help Jamie prepare for a nude acting role, while Durone asks Rachael out

    • Episode 7 - Comedy Showcase

      Pia's puppet impersonations cause trouble at a comedy showcase. And Durone discovers the real reason behind Rachael's swift exit.

    • Episode 8 - Double Date

      Durone tells Rachael how he feels before she jets off to Russia. And Daniella's attempt to salvage Jamie and Cathy's relationship becomes a double date from hell.

    • Episode 9 - Casting Call

      Luke seeks help from Daniella to get his 'posh' on for a casting call

    • Episode 10 - Sabotage

      Luke tries to sabotage Casey and Joe's West End audition. And Pia works her magic on Jamie.

    • Episode 11 - Dance Casting

      Leah and OJ put their romance aside to go head to head in a dance casting. And Angela auditions for a music video.

    • Episode 12 - Open Mic Gig

      Josh and Betsy-Blue bump into hot singer-songwriter Alex at an open mic gig. And Pia turns up the heat on a night out with Jamie.

    • Episode 13 - Second Thoughts

      Betsy-Blue teams up with Alex. OJ feels torn over Leah's big break. And is Pia having second thoughts about Jamie?

    • Episode 14 - The Trip

      Alex arranges a trip with Betsy-Blue and Megan. And OJ pens a special rap for Leah.

    • Episode 15 - Shock Announcement

      Casey is on the warpath. OJ makes a grand gesture to win back the girl of his dreams. And Jamie has big news.

    • Episode 16 - Pia's Barbecue

      Leah lands a new man at Pia's barbecue. Casey gets some life-changing career news, and Donna and Bonnie announce the lead roles for the end-of-year show.

    • Episode 17 - Juggling

      After landing his dream job, Casey struggles to juggle schoolwork with band rehearsals, forcing Betsy-Blue to make a big decision

    • Episode 18 - Lost in London

      Luke and Durone get lost in London just hours before they're due on stage. And Casey and Alex come to blows over Betsy-Blue.

    • Episode 19 - Plus One

      Luciee enlists the help of D&B's finest for a friend's party. Meanwhile, Josh needs a plus one for a tricky situation.

    • Episode 20 - Girls' Day Out

      Pia, Leah and Luciee try to soothe their romantic troubles with a girls' day out

    • Episode 21 - First Date

      Josh and Durone give an unusual guided tour of London. And Jordi takes Leah to a live karaoke night for their first date.

    • Episode 22 - Open Mic

      Rachael helps Leah prepare a song for an open mic night. And is Mo ready to leave school and stand on his own two feet?

    • Episode 23 - Dance Gig

      Joe C lands a major dance gig and decides to invite his estranged father. And Luke announces a Battle of the Bands competition.

    • Episode 24 - Double Date

      Pia and Leah go on a zip-wiring double date with Mike and Jordi, while Betsy-Blue and Luciee start rehearsing for the Battle of the Bands show

    • Episode 25 - A Date on the Farm

      Romance is in the air as Dan invites Megan to his farm and Durone finally seals the deal with Hattie

    • Episode 26 - An Introduction

      The girls battle it out for a movie role. Leah returns from holiday to some shocking news. And Durone introduces Hattie to his schoolmates.

    • Episode 27 - Slapstick and Trouble

      Leah and Pia come to blows over two-timer Jordi. Joe R and Luke take their slapstick too far. And Rachael lands herself in the middle of trouble.

    • Episode 28 - Suited and Booted

      Dan gets dressed up for a date with Megan. And Pia's free spray tan doesn't quite go to plan.

    • Episode 29 - Prom King and Queen

      The students take to the stage in the hope of landing the coveted prom king and queen title. And Pia fights off all the boys who want to be her date.

    • Episode 30 - The Big Break

      It's the day of the prom. Josh's small act of mischief causes serious trouble. And is Durone about to get the break of a lifetime?