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    Spin Continues

    The acclaimed French political drama continues on More4

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    S2: Trailer 1

    A change in power. Reputations at stake. The tension rises. As secrets are revealed. Series 2, continues on More4.

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    S1-Ep6: Exchange

    Gendre suspects he's being cut loose and takes necessary steps

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    S1-Ep5: Defeat

    The election results are in...

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    S1-Ep4: Whistleblower

    A witness comes forward with information on the recent terrorist attack

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    S1-Ep3: Scandalous

    News of Anne Visage's affair with the late president becomes public knowledge

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    S1 Ep3: Trailer

    In the battle for president, every secret has it's price. Spin continues on More4

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    S1-Ep2: Next Move

    Former protégé Anne Visage takes Simon's guidance on creating strong impression in office.

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    An Introduction to Spin

    If House of Cards and Borgen were set in Paris... treason, intrigue and blackmail in an impossibly elegant setting. An intoxicating, award-winning political thriller

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    The acclaimed French political drama begins 8th January on More4