• Episode 1 - The Accident

      When the French president faces crises in both personal and political arenas, experienced spin doctor Simon Kapita is recalled to the heart of government to help deal with the emerging scandals

    • Episode 2 - The War of Nerves

      The latest scandal threatens to bring about the collapse of the government when the president faces a vote of no confidence. Kapita has a plan to secure victory, but the pressures take their toll.

    • Episode 3 - Hostages

      Secretary General Gabrielle Tackichieff decides to keep the president's health issues a secret, but her plan goes awry when a hostage situation erupts in Algeria. Juliette still hasn't returned home.

    • Episode 4 - The Devil's Spoon

      Gabrielle is relying on Bakian to negotiate the hostages' release, but Kapita seeks advice from Hussan. As secret talks with the terrorists come to a head, the president has a tough decision to make.

    • Episode 5 - Blackmail

      Bakian attempts to blackmail Gabrielle about her son's adoption and she's forced to come clean. Desmeuze manages to get hold of a secret file that has the power to bring down the president.

    • Episode 6 - Exercising Power

      Desmeuze uses the secret file to blackmail Kapita and demands that he resign from his post within two days, but Hussan has a plan in store. The president must make his most difficult decision yet.