Spaced was packed with film and TV references, from a nod to Scarface to a cheeky salute to An Officer and a Gentleman. Here are some of our favourites.

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S1-Ep1: That Thing Like in that Film - Green Card

Daisy uses an idea from a film to convince Marsha that she and Tim are a real couple. And that film was, of course, Green Card.

S1-Ep1: The Twins - The Shining

While being shown around the flat, Daisy and Tim make a horrible discovery in the cupboard in this shot-for-shot homage to The Shining.

S1-Ep1: Join Us - The Evil Dead

Daisy tried to throw a house party to make their home the ‘new hub of North London’ - but it turned out a bit crap. Tim tried to convince Daisy there's more to life than dips. Then it all went a bit Evil Dead.

S1-Ep2: Look at Them - Close Encounters

After Daisy was persuaded to ditch the fail of a house party, the gang witnessed the fitness of the beautiful thin people at Amber's party upstairs.

S1-Ep2: Freezer - 2001: A Space Odyssey

When Daisy gets baffled by her missing half of magnum, Brian wonders if it's become 'self-aware' in this homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Plus, Tim gets stuck on 'Daisy, Daisy' in the background.

S1-Ep4: Clever Boys - Jurassic Park

Duane Benzie, aka the man with the mighty deep voice, is surrounded on a night out. Like that bit with the raptors in Jurassic Park.

Spaced - Clever Boys Jurassic Park reference

S1-Ep4: There's a Storm Coming - Terminator

Mike attempts to go all Spanish in this homage to the ending of Terminator...

S1-Ep4: Faces - The Exorcist

Those spooky faces floating around Daisy's head are inspired by the demon face in The Exorcist.

Spaced - The Exorcist reference

S1-Ep5: Ticking Time Bomb of Death - Jurassic Park (again)

When Tim meets Colin for the first time he's as cagey as Jeff Goldblum hearing that idea about a dinosaur theme park.

S1-Ep5: The Mission - Star Wars

After a Star Wars marathon, Colin is stolen. Tim rallies the troops for the rescue mission.

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S1-Ep7: Together Again - An Officer and a Gentleman

When Mike gets back into the TA, Tim celebrates with him the only way he knows how.

Spaced - An Officer and a Gentleman reference

S2-Ep1: Introductions - Manhattan and Goodfellas

Daisy and Tim's introductions seemed oddly familiar.

S2-Ep1: That Just Happened - The Matrix and Scarface

A double whammy here. After returning from travelling, Daisy is confronted by some Matrix style agents, and Mike rips off Al Pacino's classic line to try and scare them off.

S2-Ep1: Stand Off - Pulp Fiction

In this homage to Pulp Fiction, Daisy is surprised to discover Mike leaving the bathroom.

Spaced - Pulp Fiction reference

S2-Ep3: Welcome to Robot Club - Fight Club

When Mike and Tim took part in an underground Robot Club the rules seemed oddly familiar…

S2-Ep3: New Job - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

In Daisy's new job, nothing is what it seems.

S2-Ep3: There's Been an Accident - The Sixth Sense

You know this one. And if you don't: SPOILER WARNING. Mike gets all creepy.

And FUN FACT, FACT FANS: The angry cyclist is played by Olivia Williams, who starred in The Sixth Sense.

S2-Ep6: Good Luck - Star Wars (again)

Mike does his best Chewy impression and Daisy and Tim get all misty-eyed to the (not) Star Wars theme music.

S2-Ep7: We're Sorry Marsha - Say Anything

Tim gets no points for the originality of his apology - he pinched it from John Cusack in the 1980s classic Say Anything.

Spaced - Say Anything Reference

Let's face it, we probably missed some. If so, tell us all about it on Twitter #Spaced.

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Watch the Spaced box set on All 4 for free