Eddie Marsan, who plays Andrew Salter in Southcliffe, explains how he approached filming the difficult scenes in the series.

Describe the journey Andrew and Claire go through?

Andrew and Claire are the characters the audience will identify with the most. They are a middle aged couple with a teenage daughter, a mortgage and then something terrible happens in the town and their story is how they react to it.

How was it filming some of the more traumatic scenes?

The scene in the morgue was the most traumatic scene for me to film, as you really feel for Andrew at that point. It’s so raw and heartbreaking and you really see a man truly come apart at the seams. The climax of Andrew and Claire’s story was also deeply touching. It was a very emotionally exhausting film to make but also very rewarding.

How did you leave the trauma behind on set?

When you watch a sad film you cry, it’s the same kind of thing with an actor. You use your emotions and imagine it. You don’t carry the feelings with you, it’s actually quite cathartic.

What did you take away from the whole experience? Did it make you reflect on your own life?

I am a dad of four so playing a father who goes through such a terrible thing can be tough, it was easy to imagine how Andrew would feel.