• Joe Dempsie - Chris Cooper

    "Chris finds it hard to plunge back in to a normal life after the stress of a warzone and he struggles to re-adjust."

  • Shirley Henderson - Claire Salter

    "Claire gradually starts to lose grip of reality and becomes increasingly troubled as everything she sees or hears becomes distorted in her mind."

  • Eddie Marsan - Andrew Salter

    "It was a very emotionally exhausting film to make but also very rewarding."

  • Rory Kinnear - David Whitehead

    "It’s a story about a very ordinary community, and how something extraordinary happens to them."

  • Sean Durkin - Director

    "All I ever want to do is create truthful moment after truthful moment. That’s what directing is about; capturing something that is honest and engaging and I hope I have done that."

  • Making Southcliffe

    The creators and cast of Southcliffe discuss what it was that inspired them to tell this story