• Episode 1 - Poly Love

      Karley explores the world of open relationships to find out if it's possible to have more than one partner without turning into a jealous demon

    • Episode 2 - Sugar Babies

      Karley investigates the growing phenomenon of sugar daddy websites and meets college sugar babies who are monetising their relationships

    • Episode 3 - Bisexual Men

      From bi porn sets to pegging classes, Karley explores male sexual fluidity by asking the age old question: do bisexual men exist?

    • Episode 4 - Pet Play

      After finding out that animal role play is actually a thing, Karley hangs out with human kittens, ponies, and puppies to find out what is so sexy about being a pet?

    • Episode 5 - Vagina Power

      Pussy is undergoing a massive rebrand. Karley goes on a journey to find the true meaning of pussy power, meets sex witches, a yoni alchemist and a sex-positive feminist icon.

    • Episode 6 - VR Porn

      After meeting erotic innovators in the world of virtual reality, Karley becomes a porn avatar and learns that VR porn is more than just jizz in 3D

    • Episode 7 - Alternative Sex Ed

      After realising that sex ed in America is trash, Karley meets the slutty superheroes who are shaping the future of sex education through real sex videos and pleasure classes

    • Episode 8 - Strippers

      With strip club culture entering the mainstream, Karley spends time with erotic dancers and their fans to find out if strippers are the new It Girls