• 12

    Skins Fire, Part One

    Episode 1 is all about Effy. What's she been up to then?

  • 15

    Skins Fire, Part Two

    Episode 2 of Skins Fire sees Effy getting her hands on some insider info... Relive it here with these pics

  • 11

    Skins Pure, Part One

    Cassie returns in Skins Pure. Relive the first episode here.

  • 14

    Skins Pure, Part Two

    Cassie's strange new relationship is tested to its limits in the concluding part of Skins: Pure

  • 20

    Skins Rise, Part One

    Skins Rise saw the return of James Cook. In the first part of the final story, Cook agrees to help his employer's girlfriend find a house

  • 11

    Skins Rise, Part Two

    In the final part of Rise, Cook's dalliance with his employer's girlfriend has devastating consequences.