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    Deja Vu

    Psychological drama starring Kerry Fox and Lennie James as a couple caught in a living nightmare after their young son dies in a car crash

    This episode is subtitled48 mins
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    The Visitor

    Four 20-somethings are coasting through life in a fashionable part of London. A misunderstanding leads to the introduction of a stranger into their home, who starts to take control...

    Strong language and scenes of sex and violenceThis episode is subtitled50 mins
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    The Dance

    When a widowed father meets a new dance partner, his children react badly. Are they just missing their mother, or is there another reason for their reaction?

    Strong language adult content and distressing sexual themesThis episode is subtitled49 mins
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    In this chiller, an experiment to monitor released prisoners requires them to have a tiny camera implanted behind their retina

    Strong language, strong graphic violence and sex scenesThis episode is subtitled42 mins
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    Parent's Night

    When a new pupil arrives at a comprehensive school, he decides to take his video camera to school to film the bullies at work

    Strong language and strong graphic violenceThis episode is subtitled48 mins
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    Ibiza: Seven Nights from £99

    Two Manchester lads head to the Balearics for a dream holiday. But their island paradise of sun, sea and sex turns into a nightmare cocktail of booze and blood.

    Strong language and strong graphic violenceThis episode is subtitled46 mins