Following in his family's footsteps, Shane is known for being short on both temper and intelligence.

After regular visits to prostitute Kelly, he begins to fall for her and, after some teething problems and a punch-up with his dad, the lovebirds settle down together, saving him a fortune.

An ambitious, albeit largely unsuccessful, criminal, he jumps at the chance to take a larger role in the family business when his mum, Mimi, is taken into hospital. Brother Jamie's jealousy puts a spanner in the works though, as does the regrettable demise of dodgy loan shark 'Chemical Mitch'.

This criminal mastermind doesn’t have much luck in his projects – from brewing booze to organising an illegal festival. Giving away the merchandise to the homeless didn’t help, nor did casual sex with a police officer.

The collapse of the festival scheme means that it's back to the drawing board for Shane. But at least he’s still got Kelly. Doesn’t he?