Monica Gallagher is Frank's estranged bisexual wife and mother to the entire Gallagher brood.

Absent for much of her children's upbringing due to her relationship with trucker Norma, Monica is welcomed back to the Gallagher home by most of her brood, but not new mother-hen Debbie.

Not that Debbie's position as the voice of responsibility is threatened - Monica is a lazy and selfish woman who splits Frank and Sheila up, while leaving her long-suffering lover Norma sleeping in the Gallaghers' back yard.

While 'buying a loaf of bread', Monica makes another run for it - only to return once more looking to lay claim to her family. She leaves with Liam – who is happy to go in order to help Monica gain self-acceptance.

Finally, Monica returns to Chatsworth and sends out a call to reunite the family to honor their ‘dead brother’. Ever the drama queen, some things are lost in translation as the Gallaghers return.