A year older than previously thought – owing to an unfortunate delay in registering his birth – Philip Gallagher always felt a step ahead of his family.

Never afraid to stand up to anyone – including his own father who beats him bloody on occasion – the young Lip is also intelligent and shrewd, charging schoolmates for completed homework assignments.

Nicknamed 'Lip' thanks to his reputation as 'a bit of a gobshite', Philip is something of a player on the Chatsworth estate, getting together with Karen and an older woman called Lena before entering a long-term relationship with Mandy Maguire.

Getting into university sees Lip trade the estate for Nottingham and Mandy for secret university girlfriend Alex. But despite the split between Lip and Mandy, Mimi still takes his daughter, Katie, to visit him.

Towards the end, a chance meeting between Frank and his estranged son sees Frank take a larger role in his granddaughter's life as the Gallaghers come together once more for a final time.