Smart and emotionally mature – Liam is something of the black sheep of the Gallagher clan.

Showing pyromaniac tendencies from an early age, he was soon found to be a genius of sorts, often putting his academic skills to bad use during car thefts.

A talented musician and fully-versed in Sign Language, Liam looked to be an easy candidate for scholarship until nerves got the better of him during an entrance interview.

An outspoken atheist, Liam studies religion rather than believing in it, often using his knowledge in arguments, counselling or to cause general annoyance at his RC school.

His impressive intellect has seen him gambling with money, his life and more – often succesfully! – but Liam remains an understated genius.

When social services come to take Liam and Stella away he eventually ends up living with Monica - until she returns to the estate with big news...