Ian Gallagher is easily the most sexually successful member of the Gallagher family, having bedded a large percentage of the male population of the Chatsworth Estate.

His brothers and sisters are all aware their brother is gay, although sleeping with a girl while on the run from the Maguires confused many (but not when you know the Maguires).

Ian is not Frank's biological son, but is treated by him with the same drunken lack of affection as he treats the rest of his family.

After briefly suffering amnesia, Ian heads to Ibiza to party (like it's 1999) only to pick up a stowaway - Danny - on his way back, who he then befriends on his return to Chatsworth.

His final Shameless appearance sees him stowed away in the boot of a car, after having crossed paths with Karen and then-boyfriend Joe, with violent and deadly consequences...