The irresponsible patriarch of the Gallagher family really is shameless; staggering about Chatsworth, leaving a trail of destruction, empty cans and insulted residents wherever he goes.

It's fair to say there are not many like Frank. It’s also fair to say that not many like Frank...

A proud father of... erm... several, a philosopher and a professional drunk, Frank is also an unlikely sex symbol. This one-time bigamist was the faithless husband of both Monica and Sheila (the latter only to get his hands on her benefits). He also contrived to get his hands on Sheila's daughter Karen at one point, so keeping things in the family...

Perhaps predictably, Frank’s colourful love life is not without complications. Both long-suffering Monica and love-of-his-life Libby leave him due to various irreconcilable differences. His later conquests include the Gastric Bandits – two ladies who lunch. A lot.

Frank has faked his own death and been presumed dead on several occasions, but - despite dangerous levels of alcohol - is very much alive.

Albeit clearly deeply flawed, Frank is not without charm, displaying oddly affecting moments of unpredictable affection and drunken profundity. The temptation to abandon his brood persists but, despite everything, Frank is a family man at heart.

In his own words: "It was them that defined me. Without them, I'm just that guy at the end of the bar. That guy quite possibly soiling himself on public transport."