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      Episode 1 - Collection Day

      It's collection day on the Chatsworth Estate and Shane just can't catch a break. Is he going mad? Or is there an imposter out there dipping into the Maguires' cookie jar?

      Adult content and strong language throughoutThis episode is subtitled6 mins
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      Episode 2 - Remembrance Day

      It's Remembrance Day and Patty is out to raise awareness for those who gave their lives; but who says there isn't room for two worthy causes on the estate? Patty, that's who!

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled8 mins
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      Episode 3 - Morning from Hell

      Angry husbands, horny milkmen and irate coppers. It's a beautiful sunny day on the Chatsworth and Jackson is about to find out that his neighbours are not always good friends.

      Strong language throughout and adult themesThis episode is subtitled7 mins
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      Episode 4 - Chatsworth Millionaire

      It's Christmas day on the Chatsworth and Uzma has drawn the short straw... a day in the shop, alone. But how will she occupy herself, and is all as it seems?

      Strong language and adult contentThis episode is subtitled7 mins