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Real-life Aussie couples in rocky relationships put their futures together to the test as they participate in an experimental partnership with a total stranger for two weeks


In this supersized series, six couples in crisis put their relationships to the test, as they are split, placed with a stranger and monitored by experts. Is the grass greener on the other side?

It's the final decision ceremony. Who will stay together... and who will call it quits?

44 mins

Episode 15

At an explosive final dinner, accusations are hurled and old wounds are reopened

42 mins

Episode 14

After the long and revelatory experiment, how will the real-life couples' reunions go?

41 mins

Episode 13

When the girls from both mansions meet for the first time, things are bad from the start

41 mins

Episode 12

A remorseful Ben returns to face the music after his attack on his counterpart, Tyler

41 mins

Episode 11

Rumours and innuendo are rampant as mixed messages are shared with dire consequences

40 mins

Episode 10

How will it go when the couples meet their real partners' switch for the first time?

41 mins

Episode 9

Tasked with buying the perfect gift for their real partners, some do better than others

43 mins

Episode 8

It's the halfway point, and as the camp have therapy, certain revelations raise eyebrows

41 mins

Episode 7

While some struggle with harsh camping conditions, their real-life partners live in luxury

41 mins

Episode 6

Surprise news that the couples will be going on a getaway sends both houses into a spin

41 mins

Episode 5

Temptation is rife as the couples do activities they wouldn't do with their real partners

43 mins

Episode 4

The experts visit for therapy sessions where the couples hear from their real partners

43 mins

Episode 3

On day one, the six couples are split between the houses and learn who their match will be

40 mins

Episode 2

Six Aussie couples at a crossroad in their relationships embark on a supersized switch

62 mins

Episode 1