Self Portrait UK

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    Episode 1

    Acclaimed poet and writer Benjamin Zephaniah presents his self portrait 'Naked' as one of a series of diverse and provocative self-portraits

    This episode is subtitled4 mins 41
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    Episode 2

    Stand-up comedian Shazia Mirza explores her identity and culture and a secret yearning to be a Hollywood star

    This episode is subtitled4 mins 27
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    Episode 3

    TV Presenter Lisa Rogers uses the art of body painting and make-up to explore the difference between her public and private image

    This episode is subtitled4 mins 16
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    Episode 4

    DJ Trevor Nelson looks back to his first job at the age of 15, to reveal the attitudes and influences that have helped to shape him

    This episode is subtitled4 mins 36
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    Episode 5

    Ballerina Darcey Bussell chooses her favourite place, and one of her most challenging performances to explore the two different sides of her life; and percussionist Evelyn Glennie performs

    This episode is subtitled4 mins 30
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    Episode 6

    Celebrities present their self portraits to inspire young people to express their identity, imagination and individuality

    This episode is subtitled24 mins