Seaside Hotel

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    Walter's Intro

    Lavish drama from Denmark set from 1928 to 1933. Fie, a naive chambermaid, Amanda, a bored socialite, and farmer Morten find their lives entangled at a small hotel on the North Sea.

    This episode is subtitled2 mins
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    Series 1 Episode 1

    Teenager Fie is promoted to chambermaid on her first day, which causes resentment. The guests include socialite Amanda and her parents, who have a run-in with farmer Morten on the way to the hotel.

    This episode is subtitled50 mins
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    Series 1 Episode 2

    The Count of Ditmar and his parents arrive at the hotel and he seems to be looking for a business partner. Edward Weyse receives an anonymous love note but is surprised when he finds out who wrote it.

    Sexual scenes and nudityThis episode is subtitled45 mins
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    Series 1 Episode 3

    Fie wakes up from a nightmare; someone is in danger. The Count receives a suspicious phone call and must leave, but his departure is delayed because Mr Anderson is severely injured.

    NudityThis episode is subtitled44 mins
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    Series 1 Episode 4

    Panic strikes the hotel as no one knows how to open the safe and the grocer wants to be paid early. Returning from the hospital, Mrs Andersen reads an upsetting letter, and terrible news is announced.

    NudityThis episode is subtitled45 mins
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    Series 1 Episode 5

    After Mr Andersen's funeral, the guests are thinking of leaving. Meanwhile, the Count meets up with his mysterious caller and the love triangle between Amanda, Fie and Morten becomes more complicated.

    This episode is subtitled46 mins
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    Series 1 Episode 6

    The Count finds himself in a touchy situation as both Mr Madsen and the new guest have compromising information on him. But tables turn when the police bring alarming news about the new guest.

    Some violenceThis episode is subtitled46 mins