Search Party

    • Episode 1 - The Mysterious Disappearance of the Girl No One Knew

      When Dory discovers friend Chantal is missing, she becomes obsessed with finding out why

    • Episode 2 - The Woman Who Knew Too Much

      Dory doubts she saw Chantal last night, but an offbeat estate agent claims to have proof

    • Episode 3 - The Night of One Hundred Candles

      The crew make waves at the vigil, as Dory tries to tell Chantal's parents she's seen her

    • Episode 4 - The Captive Dinner Guest

      It's a dinner party from hell when Dory and Drew invite Chantal's intense ex-boyfriend

    • Episode 5 - The Mystery of the Golden Charm

      Dory meets hot private investigator Keith, who guides her through a risky adventure

    • Episode 6 - The Secret of the Sinister Ceremony

      The friends visit a cult tied to Chantal's disappearance, and Dory gets a threatening note

    • Episode 7 - The Riddle Within the Trash

      Dory makes a breakthrough, Drew is tempted elsewhere, and Elliott and Portia have problems

    • Episode 8 - The Return of the Forgotten Phantom

      The world discovers that Elliott is not at all as he seems, and Dory meets a prime suspect

    • Episode 9 - Password to the Shadows

      Dory and her friends wreak havoc during Chantal's sister's rehearsal dinner

    • Episode 10 - The House of Uncanny Truths

      During a trip to where Dory thinks Chantal may be hiding, things take a disastrous turn