Scrapheap Challenge

    • Episode 1 - Chariots

      Dick Strawbridge gives two teams four weeks in which to build racing chariots, before facing Dick and his team in the final at Hever Castle in Kent.

    • Episode 2 - Stuck in the Mud

      Presenter Dick Strawbridge challenges three teams to crazy challenges - from retrieving 'bombs' to speed trials - in the squelching mud of Beaulieu.

    • Episode 3 - Water Power

      Dick Strawbridge challenges the Scrappers to build a machine powered by water. What wacky designs will the three teams come up with in their bids to beat Dick and his Diamonds at Beaulieu?

    • Episode 4 - Blow Football

      There's pandemonium on the pitch as two teams have four weeks to build machines for two rounds of blow football challenges before facing Dick Strawbridge and his Diamonds in the final. [SL]

    • Episode 5 - Medieval Thrower

      Hever Castle is the scene of medieval merriment and madness as Scrapheap Challengers arrive with monster throwing machines to lob cabbages and Robin Hood as far as they can.

    • Episode 6 - Monster Golf

      Dick Strawbridge and his Diamonds challenge the teams to build machines capable of playing monster golf at Blair Castle in Perthshire, Scotland.

    • Episode 7 - Super Surfboards

      Three teams of scrappers must build giant motorised surfboards that can be steered by weight transfer alone and then race their way around obstacles in Bristol Docks.

    • Episode 8 - Mobile Mortars

      Dick Strawbridge challenges the scrappers to build machines capable of travelling over rough terrain and firing missiles at multiple targets from fixed, rotating or adjustable launchers.

    • Episode 9 - Caber Tossing

      Dick Strawbridge and his Diamonds return to Scotland for some Highland games. Three teams must build machines capable of tossing a 70kg, 18-foot caber and a 25kg boulder.

    • Episode 10 - Chariots

      Dick Strawbridge and his Diamonds take on three new teams of scrappers for more chaotic chariot racing.

    • Episode 11 - Stuck in the Mud

      With bombs to retrieve, speed trials to complete and lashings of mud, who gets stuck in it when three new teams take on Dick Strawbridge and his Diamonds deep in the woods of Beaulieu? [SL]

    • Episode 12 - Water Power

      They lost at the same event last time out, so can Dick Strawbridge and his Diamonds turn the tables when they take on three new teams to build machines powered by water alone?

    • Episode 13 - Blow Football

      Three teams attempt to build machines with enough puff to trounce Dick Strawbridge and his Diamonds in a madcap game of blow football. [SL]