School of Comedy

    • Series 2 Episode 1

      The Saffas, Museum Perv and the Cabbie return, alongside new pint-sized characters

    • Series 2 Episode 2

      The young comedy stars continue to storm the adult world. Sketches include an awkward school reunion and the van men celeb-spotting.

    • Series 2 Episode 3

      Brace yourself for more lampooning as the young comedy team introduce the sweary farmers and a pair of peculiar opticians.

    • Series 2 Episode 4

      E4's unique comedy sketch show continues where children take on the world of adults. This show includes a cheeky song from the Museum Perv and Karl and Marv get their groove on at a funeral!

    • Series 2 Episode 5

      The kids continue to storm the adult world and in this show we meet a nosy Neighbourhood Watch group and join the Saffas as they learn to mind read.

    • Series 2 Episode 6

      The young comedians lavish us with a 1970s cop show shoot-out and a big South African finale.