Rude Tube

  • Total Fails

    Alex Zane continues the new series with the top 50 wondrous bits of internet magic in which one person's unmitigated disaster is another's unmitigated joy.

  • Mashed 'n' Mixed

    This episode is devoted to the internet's 50 greatest video mash ups. It's a global phenomenon born and raised on the internet and the rules of the game are simple.

  • Epic Skills

    Alex Zane presents the third show in the new series of the funniest, strangest and most outrageous video uploads. Epic Skills - 50 clips featuring the true geniuses of the worldwide web.

  • Utter Pranks

    Alex Zane presents more funny and outrageous video clips, and in this show he shares the top 50 countdown of Utter Pranks - it's the top tomfoolery the web has to offer.

  • Love Bytes

    Rude Tube gets loved up with the internet's 50 greatest clips of the romantic, raunchy and occasionally weird nature of love and sex. It's a little bit saucy, a tad naughty but very funny.

  • Ultimate Stunts

    The greatest daredevils from around the world display the skill, guts, and utter stupidity needed in order to achieve online immortality in the top 50 collection of Ultimate Stunts.

  • Rude Zoo

    The animals take centre stage in this show as Rude Zoo delves deep into the online jungle to witness the beasties that lie within.

  • Extreme Rides

    Alex Zane presents an action-packed journey through some of the internet's most ridiculous, thrilling and appallingly dangerous ways of getting from A to B, whether by land, air or sea.

  • Epic Christmas

    Rude Tube celebrates Christmas as Alex Zane introduces the 50 greatest Christmas internet clips, featuring bad Santas, mad dogs, extreme carol singers and the world's fastest Christmas tree

  • Utter Fails

    Alex Zane delivers more internet craziness with 50 clips of utter failure featuring spelling bees, smashed Lamborghinis, the worst bedroom band in the world and the greatest skateboard fail ever

  • Animal Anarchy

    Alex Zane and his talking computer take another journey through the Clipiverse to showcase 50 clips of Animal Anarchy featuring hairy, cunning and lethal friends - and that's just the domestic cats!

  • Daft Stunts

    Alex Zane and his talking computer present the 50 daftest stunts on the internet, including an attempt to eat a tomato through a ceiling fan. Do not try any of these daft stunts at home.

  • Rude Tube Christmas Cracker

    Alex Zane introduces 50 of the finest festive clips from the worldwide winternet featuring the world's worst and sexiest Santas, some alternative carols and the best Christmas surprises

  • Rude Tube: Welcome to 2014

    Alex Zane welcomes in the New Year with 100 cracking internet clips. It's a blend of the new and the very best from the past year. Featuring Vine sensation Bat Dad and Granny Grand Theft Auto.

  • Rude Tube: Welcome to 2013

    In this New Year special, Alex Zane introduces 100 of the web's very best clips from Rude Tube past, present and yet to come

  • Totally Mashed

    Alex Zane brings viewers the 50 greatest mash-ups on the internet. Includes Tupac Shakur being brought back from the dead and the youngest ever thrash metal band.

  • Complete Prankers

    Alex Zane enters a world of Complete Prankers with the 50 greatest online video pranks, featuring all kinds of hilarity. From 'stag do bungee prank' to a realistic zombie running riot in Miami.

  • Web Stars

    The web stars include the Simon Cowell of internet songs and a guy who throws a house party in Ikea. Plus Jesus who appears at darts!.

  • WTF?!?

    Alex Zane presents 50 of the internet's most extraordinary clips, the very weirdest of the weird wide web. Prepare for rodent toothbrushes and the Swedish bear dance.

  • Rom Dot Com

    Romance and comedy collide revealing the internet's 50 most loved-up clips. Featuring funny wedding disasters, the craziest marriage proposals on the web and the weirdest adulterous moment ever.

  • Dumb and Dangerous

    Alex Zane presents a collection of internet tomfoolery of the daftest kind, including Man v Cactus, Woman v Water, Girl v Bus Stop... plus the funniest online hair tutorial

  • Rude'lympics

    Alex Zane presents the inaugural Rude'lympics: 50 of the finest and funniest examples of sporting success and failure online

  • Bad Trips

    Alex Zane presents the top 50 clips featuring the internet's greatest planes, trains and automobiles on the super silly highway, with a trip to suit everybody...

  • Rude Tube: World of Fail

    Alex Zane presents a top 50 countdown of the latest and greatest internet clips from the World of Fail. Other people's misfortunes become the most comical online catastrophes...

  • Kick-Ass Animals

    Alex Zane presents a top 50 countdown of the greatest Kick-Ass Animals of the worldwide web

  • Badass Stunts

    Alex Zane presents the top 50 countdown of the internet's most Badass Stunts. A no-holds-barred, don't-try-this-at-home fest of action including the very latest stunting from the worldwide web.

  • Serious Skills

    Alex Zane and his talking computer, voiced by Johnny Vegas,show us round the most seriously skilled people on the internet. The 'skills' shown in 'Serious Skills' should not be attempted at home.

  • Mashed Up

    Alex Zane presents a brand new Top 50 countdown celebrating the greatest internet mash ups

  • Super Pranks

    Alex Zane delivers a top 50 Super Pranks from the worldwide web. Pranking is one of the great, enduring mega brands of the upload revolution and pranksters are taking things to new extremes.

  • Internet Incredibles

    Alex Zane presents the Top 50 Internet Incredibles. In response to Hollywood's legions of superheroes, the internet is fighting back with some heroes of its own...

  • Gods of Geek

    Alex Zane presents a top 50 Gods of Geek. Marvel at a combination of madness and genius with the treadmill on wheels, rocket-powered shopping trolley and toilet brush revolver.

  • Web Celebs

    Alex Zane celebrates the Web Celebs. Featuring an Arnie impression, Vine sensation Nicholas Megalis and an exclusive with John McAfee.

  • Rude Tube's Christmas Cracker 2013

    It's Christmas done the Rude Tube way as Alex Zane presents 50 brand new Crimbo clips, including the laziest set of Christmas lights, Santa Claus's machine gun grotto and the Christmas tree Olympics

  • Planet Fail

    Alex Zane presents a top 50 of the greatest online fails featuring selfie, gadget, and even exorcism fails

  • Bad Ass Beasts

    Alex Zane presents a top 50 of the greatest animal clips online featuring base-jumping marsupials, randy walruses and a raving ostrich

  • Viral Idols

    Alex Zane presents the top 50 internet stars, featuring an echo voice waiter, a beatboxer and the creepiest family band in the world

  • Massive Prankers

    Alex Zane presents the top 50 of the best online pranks, featuring selfies, an intervention and the greatest horror prank

  • Fearless & Foolish

    Alex Zane presents a top 50 of the best online stunts, featuring a shark dancer and the world's highest building climb

  • World Wide Weird

    Alex Zane presents a top 50 of online oddities including the world's stupidest tattoo and the weirdest public information film ever made

  • Arena of Awesomeness

    Alex Zane presents a top 50 of sporty clips including flying press ups, the bikini wax race and the greatest tackle ever

  • Rude Tube Christmas Cracker 2014

    Alex Zane presents a very festive collection of brand new internet clips from around the globe, including a mashed-up Monty the penguin and Mariah Carey... with a beard!

  • Cats and Dogs

    Alex Zane presents the final show in the current series with a top 50 countdown of the greatest cat and dog clips, including Wolverine cat and Jiff, the world's cutest dog

  • Rude Tube Welcome to 2015

    Alex Zane brings in the new year with a top 100 countdown of the greatest internet clips of 2014. Look out for a raving blast from New Year past and the incredible spider dog prank.

  • 200% Cats

    Alex Zane kicks off the new series with a whole show dedicated to cats. There are angry cats, devilish cats, zombie cats and even a flying cat!

  • Masters of Disaster

    Alex Zane hosts a new Top 50 countdown of clips of the latest and greatest internet fails, including drone fails, phone fails and a man-eating Venus fly trap

  • Internet Icons

    Alex Zane presents the craziest cult stars of the web whose clips have brought them online fame, includes a rebooted Rambo, some singing Mormons and meme magnet Shia LaBeouf

  • Cunning Stunts

    Alex Zane presents a Top 50 countdown of daring, dangerous and downright deluded stunts, such as cooking with lava, shark selfies and a BMX flip world record

  • Prank Bank

    Alex Zane opens the Prank Bank - a top 50 featuring the best and freshest pranks from the web, including a frightening zombie prank and a football transfer prank

  • Kick Ass Critters

    Alex Zane presents a fresh Top 50 featuring the latest and greatest Kick Ass Critters of the web, including a parrot dentist and a turtle singing Coldplay

  • OMFG

    Alex Zane presents the latest jaw-dropping internet strangeness, including Dashcam birthing and a samurai sword trick gone wrong

  • Love Sexy

    Alex Zane gets loved up and counts down the Top 50 online videos devoted to love, sex, marriage, dating and everything in between

  • Ultimate Lols

    Get ready to laugh like a 'Lolcano' as Alex Zane presents a Top 50 featuring a real life Naked Gun incident, the brilliant Bad Lip Reading and Nirvana played on a shovel

  • 200% Dogs

    Prepare to meet the most incredible cast of hounds on TV including a dog that sings Westlife, the world's worst guard dog and the amazing dog heli-pad!

  • Rude Tube Christmas Cracker 2015

    Alex Zane and Tiny Tom present special Christmas clips including the best way to undecorate the Christmas tree, the guide to what not to buy your girlfriend, and a turkey with a boob job

  • Rude Tube: Welcome To 2016

    Alex Zane brings in the New Year with a mix of the very best of the old and the new. There's a real-life Alan Partridge, 50 Shades of Grey in Lego, and Darth Vader on a mini Segway.

  • Daredevils & Dummies

    Alex Zane presents a top 50 of the internet's craziest daredevils and dummies, with a daredevil kissing a cobra and a dummy surfing on the roof of a train

  • Clan Anarchy

    Alex Zane counts down the internet's funniest family-based LOLs. Featuring the best way to wake a teenager and the most cringeworthy wedding dance.

  • Mashed 'n' Trashed

    Alex Zane presents great viral homages, pastiches and parodies with Darth Vader made of balloons, a dragon-slaying politician and a beatboxing Forrest Gump

  • Rudelympics

    Alex Zane presents the funniest and greatest alternative sporting and athletic heroes and fails. Who will get the gold - the cats with their workout routine?

  • Feasts of Fury

    This fresh top 50 features some very funny food clips including the Pope popping out for pizza, a cat cookery show and the rudest waitress in the world

  • Animals Unleashed

    Alex Zane goes wild with some genius animal singing mash-ups, the mole whisperer, a double dose of sharks and an unusual delivery of tropical fish

  • Man v Machine

    Featuring crashes and mashes, a magic carpet ride on the streets of New York and Mike Tyson falling off a hoverboard... what more could you want?

  • Epic Legends

    Top 50 celebrating a host of unforgettable online characters, including the UK's foremost expert in pointless skills and a hands-free beer-drinking yoga hack

  • Cats v Dogs

    The ultimate countdown between cats and dogs, features a handyman cat, a dog at the barbers and a woman who believes she's a cat

  • World Wide Weirder

    A new Top 50 of the weirdest clips on the internet, including the amazing chocolate man, a bizarre remake of The Shining and a unicorn that poos ice cream

  • Christmas Cracker 2016

    Alex Zane and his little doggie helper Bah Hum-Pug provide a selection box of 50 seasonal clips including festival fails galore, a rocket-powered reindeer and Christmas dinner in a tin

  • Welcome to 2017

    Alex Zane welcomes in the new year by celebrating the best 100 clips of the year. Featuring a zombie apocalypse, the boxer dog mannequin challenge and a classic with wine and a treadmill.

  • Animals Assemble

    Alex Zane presents a fresh Top 50 countdown of super-powered online animal moments such as the bear burglar, a gangster crab and the scary truth about how raccoons are taking over the internet.

  • Face Palms and Face Plants

    Alex Zane presents some fresh, jaw-dropping clips featuring the worst wedding intro ever, and a girl with her head stuck in a pumpkin

  • Weird v Weirder

    Alex Zane presents a fresh Top 50 countdown featuring brushing teeth with fireworks, the most bonkers wrestling stunt ever and the incredible vegan rap

  • Superstars of Stupid

    Alex Zane presents some downright online idiocy. There's a sleepover in Ikea, a painful Mentos rocket to the face and a never-seen-before BMX stunt.

  • Ultimate Legends

    Alex Zane presents the internet's biggest sensations including the best entrance to a dance tent, the chicken shop reviewer and Korean Billy speaking Roadman

  • Cats v Dogs - The Rematch

    Canine and feline face off to decide who rules the internet. Includes a bulldog addicted to licking his owner's head and America's angriest cats.

  • Planet Prank

    Alex Zane has the best mischief and mayhem from around the globe, including Paige Ginn, a top classroom prank and a scientific discovery from a ladder prank

  • Heroes of Fail

    Alex Zane presents some fresh heroes of fail with the worst wedding ring delivery ever, the world's worst football miss and the funniest cross trainer fail

  • Creature Chaos

    Alex Zane presents animals from around the globe, including a parrot that thinks it's the pop star Sia, and a chimpanzee that has a go at virtual reality!

  • Greatest Hits

    From the RT vault, there are legends such as Tron Guy, David at the Dentist and Bad Lip Reading, plus a catch-up with Double Rainbow Guy and Afro Ninja