River Cottage
Return to River Cottage: Episode 4

It's late summer at River Cottage, but the weather is far from seasonal. Torrential rain washes out Hugh's entire hay harvest and his polytunnel full of tomatoes is beset with blight.

Hugh moves into his cottage. He buys a pig, forages for food and befriends the locals.

First shown: Sun 14 Feb 1999 | 24 mins

Hugh turns his attentions to the River Piddle and pike fishing

First shown: Sun 21 Feb 1999 | 24 mins

The vegetable garden is in full swing and Hugh is spoilt for choice

First shown: Sun 28 Feb 1999 | 24 mins

Hugh discovers an infestation of mice and calls in a 'humane disposal team'

First shown: Sun 7 Mar 1999 | 25 mins

Hugh commissions basket-maker Malcolm Seal to make an old-fashioned wickerwork eel trap

First shown: Sun 14 Mar 1999 | 24 mins

Hugh prepares a party for his friends who've helped him and learns how to catch razor fish

First shown: Sun 21 Mar 1999 | 24 mins

Hugh prepares a festive Yuletide feast of traditional glazed ham and mince pies

First shown: Fri 24 Dec 1999 | 24 mins

Hugh rents a four-acre field, buys livestock and takes part in a nettle-eating competition

First shown: Sun 2 Jan 2000 | 24 mins

Hugh has problems with some uncooperative chickens and troublesome rabbits

First shown: Sun 9 Jan 2000 | 24 mins

Hugh donates one of his pigs to his landlord's medieval fair to raise money for charity

First shown: Sun 16 Jan 2000 | 24 mins