River Cottage

    • Series 17 Episode 1

      Hugh meets professional chef David to explore the array of flavours that vegetables offer. And can Hugh tempt bacon-loving workmen with a meat-free lunch?

    • Series 17 Episode 2

      Veg hero Jagdish Ghelani helps Hugh bring an extra dimension to his culinary curry efforts, introducing him to veg pakoras and dosas, and even the ultimate curry in a hurry.

    • Series 17 Episode 3

      Hugh takes veggie living to the extreme, discovering the world of 'raw food' with chef's Chris Massamba and Laura Coxeter, including a raw chocolate cake made with avocado!

    • Series 17 Episode 4

      Hugh cooks up a storm for a (mostly vegetarian) wild swimming team. From the ultimate power-packing pesto, pasta and potato salad to a big hearty stew, Hugh's found his new role - club cook.

    • Series 17 Episode 5

      Hugh discovers new cooking techniques from Sachiko Saeki and her husband Pak Keung Wan, which inspire him to turn his runner beans in to Japanese pickles and tempting tempura dishes.

    • Series 17 Episode 6

      Hugh's summer of vegetarianism presents him with a challenge: should he serve meat at the annual River Cottage BBQ? He sticks to his guns and dishes up a spelt, potato and carrot salad.

    • Series 17 Episode 7

      Hugh's love of foraging stands him in good stead during his summer of vegetarianism, helping him discover new edible options, from rock pool seaweed to monkey puzzle nuts for a risotto.

    • Series 17 Episode 8

      Inspired by his summer of vegetarianism, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall puts on a veg-only night at the Fox and Hound pub. But will his spicy pakoras and mushroom stews win over the locals?

    • Series 17 Episode 9

      The River Cottage team already make the most of all types of cheese in their veg dishes. Canteen head chef Tim faces a cook-off competition to entice the rest of his staff onto the meat-free wagon.

    • Series 17 Episode 10

      It's River Cottage's turn to bring the tea for their annual cricket match with their local rivals. But meat's off the menu, which means collaborative sandwich-making and experimental veggie cocktails.

    • Series 17 Episode 11

      This could be Hugh's biggest challenge yet - convincing kids to eat their greens! His secret tips include wood-fired pizzas and garlic butter.

    • Series 17 Episode 12

      Will the celebration go to plan when guests discover that instead of the traditional spit-roast, Hugh is serving a complete wedding breakfast with no meat?

    • Series 17 Episode 13

      Hugh finds out if a veggie lunch can keep the garden team as full and satisfied as they usually are with their bacon sandwiches, and James makes the ultimate cheese and pumpkin pastie.

    • Series 17 Episode 14

      At the end of his summer of vegetarianism, Hugh throws a River Cottage thank you dinner before setting out to catch his first bite of fishy flesh in four months.