River Cottage

    • Series 13 Episode 1

      Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall returns to River Cottage HQ to explore and celebrate the very best food that spring and summer have to offer.

    • Series 13 Episode 2

      When Hugh discovers slugs have been scoffing the soft cabbages he wonders if he can turn them into a culinary hit too. Plus, there's a "Leftovers Night" at the River Cottage Canteen.

    • Series 13 Episode 3

      Hugh is keenly devoted to the River Cottage garden, so when he learns slugs have been scoffing the soft cabbages he plans some drastic action.

    • Series 13 Episode 4

      River Cottage celebrates the strawberry with a 500-person summer fete. Hugh and Tim spend an evening fishing for river trout, and later Hugh goes shrimping on the beach.

    • Series 13 Episode 5

      Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall shares his favourite summer recipes including a Bloody Mary burger, complete with vodka, beetroot, red currant and goats cheese salad, and strawberry cocktails.

    • Series 13 Episode 6

      With autumn in full swing, Hugh decides it's time to stock the larder. He also tries his hand at making pear cider, free dives for scallops and goes foraging for wild mushrooms.

    • Series 13 Episode 7

      Hugh raids Devon's rocky coves looking for wild mussels, meets a man who makes wine in his backyard in London, and lays on a rabbit feast for 30 members of his local Womens' Institute

    • Series 13 Episode 8

      With winter just around the corner, Hugh turns to his garden for inspiration and decides to turn the heat up with a 200 person chilli-and-pumpkin party. He also goes fishing for squid

    • Series 13 Episode 9

      Hugh creates his own chocolate goodies for Christmas gifts, makes a winter salad from the garden, takes his rabbit campaign to a nightclub, and tries catching herring for the first time

    • Series 13 Episode 10

      Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall rounds up some of his favourite autumnal foods, including passata, chorizo, marshmallows and nettle beer. He also throws a bonfire night party.

    • Series 13 Episode 11

      To celebrate a bumper year at River Cottage, Hugh has some of his food heroes round for a fabulous four course dinner including rare mushrooms, ten bird spit roast and the ultimate sponge and crumble