Rick and Morty

    • Episode 1 - The Rickshank Rickdemption

      Rick, still in galactic prison, puts an intricate escape plan into action. On Earth, now under Federation control, Morty and Summer have an argument about their grandfather that gets out of hand.

    • Episode 2 - Rickmancing the Stone

      To help Morty and Summer deal with their parents' divorce, Rick takes them on an adventure to a Mad Max-style universe where he attempts to steal a green crystal from a group of scavengers

    • Episode 3 - Pickle Rick

      Rick turns himself into a pickle in one of his crazy experiments. Meanwhile, Beth, Summer and Morty attend family therapy sessions prompted by the school.

    • Episode 4 - Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender

      Rick and Morty are summoned by superhero team the Vindicators to thwart their arch-nemesis Worldender, but they wind up snared in a death trap conceived by Drunk Rick.

    • Episode 5 - The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

      Rick takes Jerry on an adventure to a resort where it's impossible to die and everyone is immortal. While there, Jerry meets some of Rick's old acquaintances who are seeking revenge for past wrongs.

    • Episode 6 - Rest and Ricklaxation

      After an exhausting adventure, Rick and Morty take a break at a spa, where they try out a treatment that removes all their toxins. Unfortunately, the toxins take on a form and a life of their own.

    • Episode 7 - The Ricklantis Mixup

      Rick and Morty head off to have an amazing adventure in Atlantis. Meanwhile, the Citadel of Ricks undergoes major changes as it prepares for its first democratic presidential election.

    • Episode 8 - Morty's Mind Blowers

      Rick shows Morty a room filled with disturbing memories that Morty had begged him to erase from his mind. But when Morty asks Rick to restore the recollections for him, things soon go off the rails.

    • Episode 9 - The ABCs of Beth

      Beth and Rick visit Froopyland, an 'imaginary world' that Rick created for Beth during her childhood, to find and rescue Beth's friend Tommy. Jerry dates an alien warrior priestess called Keara.

    • Episode 10 - The Rickchurian Mortydate

      Rick and Morty fall out with the president when he calls on them to tackle a monster that is roaming the tunnels under the White House. Beth becomes convinced that she is a clone of her former self.