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    Walter's Intro

    French drama set in WWII, based on true events about the fight for freedom from Nazi occupation, featuring plot twists and turns but also scenes of poignancy that defy any audience not to be moved

    This episode is subtitled57 secs
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    Episode 1

    When a small group of committed rebels produce a newspaper called Resistance, Lili and her friend The Kid accept the dangerous task of distributing copies of the publication and begin to fall in love

    Some nudityThis episode is subtitled56 mins
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    Episode 2

    Lili and The Kid narrowly escape being arrested by the Gestapo and discover there's a traitor in their group. Lili undertakes another dangerous mission, carrying copies of Resistance south to Lyon.

    Some violence and adult scenesThis episode is subtitled57 mins
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    Episode 3

    Lili joins a new resistance group led by Fredo, a 21-year-old communist, who trains her to use guns, knives and grenades. The Kid is captured by the Germans and sentenced to death by firing squad.

    Scenes of violenceThis episode is subtitled53 mins
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    Episode 4

    Lili agrees to go undercover to transport a new resistance paper, Combat. Key members of the young communist group are arrested. When the prisoners are tortured, Lili is in danger of being discovered.

    Contains violent scenesThis episode is subtitled52 mins
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    Episode 5

    Lili's mission to rescue Victoria from hospital is cut short when Victoria and other leaders of the resistance are captured by the Gestapo. Lili takes a chance to send a coded message to London.

    Disturbing scenesThis episode is subtitled49 mins
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    Episode 6

    Lili takes drastic action to escape the Gestapo but is later recaptured, along with Jeannot. The Americans are advancing on Paris, but will it be too late for the young resistance fighters?

    Scenes of violenceThis episode is subtitled55 mins