Relocation, Relocation

    • Series 7 Episode 1

      Margot and Henry have been married for almost 50 years. Can Kirstie and Phil find them homes in Berkshire and Dorset that the couple can agree upon? And, does Henry really want to move?

    • Series 7 Episode 2

      Kirstie and Phil scour the Scottish countryside searching for two rural dream homes for Derek and Fiona in picturesque Perthshire and Scotland's pristine west coast.

    • Series 7 Episode 3

      Kirstie and Phil are in Norfolk looking for the dream country home for Becky and Keith. But with the couple's London home already sold, the clock is ticking.

    • Series 7 Episode 4

      Can Kirstie and Phil help Carole and Alan find a place to set up a dog training business with their daughter in Devon, bag a bolt-hole and help their son onto the property ladder?

    • Series 7 Episode 5

      Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are in Manchester struggling to satisfy a perfectionist and his partner in their hunt for their first and second property purchases

    • Series 7 Episode 6

      Phil and Kirstie tackle their largest ever search area when they scour the whole of Scotland looking for a hotel for would-be hoteliers Christine and Keith Bettis.

    • Series 7 Episode 7

      Phil and Kirstie meet Sunee and Will Goring, who are intent on bringing their young family back to London from Bristol, as well as landing an investment flat to secure their kids' futures

    • Series 7 Episode 8

      Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer return with a brand new series. In this first episode they're in Devon taking on a triple search for the Langman family and their dog training business.

    • Series 7 Episode 9

      Kirstie and Phil take on love-struck Englishman Laurie and his Australian sweetheart Celeste. Their dream is for a life of rural bliss in West Sussex and an investment property in London.

    • Series 7 Episode 10

      Phil Spencer catches up with Helen, Grant, and Grant's parents Ray and Connie, who were keen to relocate from South Africa to settle in Deal in Kent.

    • Series 7 Episode 11

      Kirstie and Phil visit the first couple they ever relocated together, Fiona and Tom Butcher, who moved from London to the Highlands just as the credit crunch began to bite.

    • Series 7 Episode 12

      The Crosners were one of the first couples Kirstie and Phil ever helped. They wanted a small flat in Bath and a family-ready home in Dorset. Now Phil is back to see how much their life has changed.

    • Series 7 Episode 13

      Phil heads back to Wales to catch up with Emma and Steve six years after they found the perfect rural smallholding

    • Series 7 Episode 14

      Phil catches up with Peter and Louise to see if they've managed to achieve their dream of splitting their lives between London and Wiltshire