Relocation, Relocation

    • Series 6 Episode 1

      Kirstie and Phil try to make the property dream come true for Stephanie, Dominic and baby Oscar who are keen to move from Sussex to a house by the sea in north Somerset.

    • Series 6 Episode 2

      Kirstie and Phil help hardworking 28-year-olds Rikita and Donny Patel to start a new life by finding a home nearer to their parents as well as a bolt-hole in Sicily.

    • Series 6 Episode 3

      Kirstie and Phil help Helen and Grant who are hunting for a first-time buyer pad in London and a family home for Grant's parents relocating from South Africa to the Kent Coast.

    • Series 6 Episode 4

      Kirstie and Phil have got their work cut out trying to find the perfect home for Damon and Gemma in the Surrey countryside, because they also want a perfect investment property in Berlin.

    • Series 6 Episode 5

      Kirstie and Phil's mission is to find Louise Buckles and Peter Melrose the perfect combination of a main residence in London with a rural idyll in the Wiltshire countryside.

    • Series 6 Episode 6

      Kirstie and Phil take on a labour of love, helping Hertfordshire couple Helen and Paul find their dream home and their dream business: running a wedding venue.

    • Series 6 Episode 7

      Kirstie and Phil meet Inyang and Gregor Ross, who are leaving Glasgow and risking it all to realise their dream of family life in Cornwall.

    • Series 6 Episode 8

      Kirstie and Phil take on a jailbreak, getting Beefeater Simon Dodd and his wife Pauline out of their flat in the Tower of London, to a home in Hampshire, and flat on the Kent coast.

    • Series 6 Episode 9

      Kirstie and Phil launch a supersize search across several counties in northern England, sporting a budget of up to £1½ million for Victoria and Frank and their boutique boot camp business.

    • Series 6 Episode 10

      Kirstie and Phil hunt for a home near Darlington for Alex and Phillip, and a getaway ski chalet in the French Alps.

    • Series 6 Episode 11

      Kirstie revisits Johnny and Lynsay Davies after she and Phil helped them escape London and move the family up north.

    • Series 6 Episode 12

      Phil and Kirstie return to visit mother and daughter Sarah and Gill Currie who found their dream rural pub with B&B. Is life behind the bar as fulfilling as they'd hoped it would be?

    • Series 6 Episode 13

      Phil revisit Rosie and Andy who previously decided to swap suburbia for the seaside. But did moving from Hertfordshire to Devon land them the family home they wanted?

    • Series 6 Episode 14

      Phil revisits Allison and Mark, four years since the arrival of their first baby made the couple decide to trade in their London lifestyle for a different pace of life on the Kent coast.

    • Series 6 Episode 15

      Kirstie and Phil revisit Sandy and Natasha who previously ditched Swindon in pursuit of a surfer's pad by the sea in Devon. Is the new life they found the one they wanted?