Relocation, Relocation

    • Series 5 Episode 1

      Kirstie and Phil are trying to pull big-thinking house-hunters Vikki and James's property dreams back down to earth! The search covers four counties and more than 1,000 square miles.

    • Series 5 Episode 2

      Kirstie and Phil help an eco-friendly couple track down a home in Devon and a flat in Brighton.

    • Series 5 Episode 3

      Kirstie and Phil come to the aid of Richard and Laurie Thompson who plan to buy two properties in two areas they've never even visited before, Felixstowe and southern France.

    • Series 5 Episode 4

      Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help Rosie and Andy Rowe find a place in Devon where they can indulge their love of outdoor sports and a place in Bristol for Andy's brother

    • Series 5 Episode 5

      Johnny and Lynsay Davies want to move their family home from London to Harrogate. Cue Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, who pull out all the stops attempting to find them the perfect house.

    • Series 5 Episode 6

      Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help high-flying couple Matthew and Louise Vardy land their property dream: a family home in the Northumberland countryside

    • Series 5 Episode 7

      Phil and Kirstie are in Budapest to help John Stevenson and his fiancee Ingrid Weber find a home to suit his new relocated job as well as a bolthole back in sunny Luton

    • Series 5 Episode 8

      Kirstie and Phil help a most demanding couple, Sarah and Frazer, who want a family home on the Hertfordshire/Essex border and an investment pad in London's East End

    • Series 5 Episode 9

      Phil and Kirstie revisit eco obsessives Sue and Neil, who wanted a green home/business in Devon and a flat in Brighton. Have the 'chicco warriors' managed to change their lives?

    • Series 5 Episode 10

      Kirstie and Phil head over to the Isle of Wight to revisit Dean and Sam Brand, whom they helped in 2003 relocate from the Midlands to running the Old Comical, a lovely pub

    • Series 5 Episode 11

      Kirstie and Phil catch up with trailblazing young couple Jenny and Morgan Williams whose long-term plan was to quit work for good and start their own businesses in France

    • Series 5 Episode 12

      Kirstie and Phil revisit Ady and Andrea, who they helped to escape the London suburbs and get back to their bosom of the family in Lancashire

    • Series 5 Episode 13

      Despite hundreds of hours searching and thousands spent on surveys, Dan and Tracy Lunnon-Wood are still scouring the north of Scotland for their first ever home together

    • Series 5 Episode 14

      Phil and Kirstie catch up with James and Vikki who previously asked for help finding a family home in England and a dream holiday home in Wales