Relocation, Relocation

    • Series 4 Episode 1

      Kirstie and Phil aim to relocate the Smalley family, who need space for their business selling hot-tubs, from Leicestershire to Cumbria.

    • Series 4 Episode 2

      There's a continental flavour to Kirstie and Phil's double mission as they help a young family swap the buzz of Brighton for the French countryside and a crash pad in Crawley.

    • Series 4 Episode 3

      Kirstie and Phil help a couple downsize from their luxurious five-bed family house in Fulham to a two-bed renovation wreck with profit potential in Oxfordshire.

    • Series 4 Episode 4

      Phil and Kirstie are north of the border on a mission to help Andrea and Ady who are desperate house hunters dealing with the mother of all commutes: a round trip of 2,000 miles a week.

    • Series 4 Episode 5

      Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help Paul and Tamsin Clarke, who are finding it hard to find a new 'forever home' on the Kent coast and a bolthole in London.

    • Series 4 Episode 6

      While Chris has a desire to keep some pigs once he's found the perfect property in Lancashire, his fiancee has other priorities! Phil and Kirstie have a tough search ahead.

    • Series 4 Episode 7

      Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are trying to pin two homes in Paris and London on jet setters Paul and Andrew Foster-Williams... that's if they stay still long enough!

    • Series 4 Episode 8

      Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp are in the north of Scotland helping two desperate house hunters with long commutes to find their first home together.

    • Series 4 Episode 9

      Kirstie and Phil catch up with Sandy Acres and Natasha Dillon, two surfers who were fed up with Swindon and wanted to escape to the stunning coastline of North Devon.

    • Series 4 Episode 10

      Phil's back visiting wannabe publicans Sara and Gill Currie who dreamed of running a rural pub. After an exhaustive search, the perfect property was found. So is it a success?

    • Series 4 Episode 11

      Kirstie and Phil are back to find out whether Mark and Catherine Smalley are happy in their Lake District home and how their hot tub business is doing.

    • Series 4 Episode 12

      Kirstie and Phil help thirty-something lovebirds Howard Green and Joanna Holme find a cosy rural home north of Manchester and a small flat to rent out in Hull, all on a budget of £190,000.