Relocation, Relocation

    • Series 3 Episode 1

      Kirstie and Phil are searching for the perfect home by the sea in Kent and a London pied-à-terre for feisty couple Mark Thomas and Alison Green.

    • Series 3 Episode 2

      Kirstie and Phil help a couple with a young baby look for a crash pad near Heathrow where they work, and a new country home in the French countryside east of Lyon.

    • Series 3 Episode 3

      Phil and Kirstie help Natasha Acres and Sandy Dillon search for a funky north Devon surfers' pad and a practical work/crash-pad space in Swindon.

    • Series 3 Episode 4

      Kirstie and Phil search for the perfect home for sailing enthusiasts Paul and Louise Harding on the Hampshire coast, plus a crash pad in Maidenhead for Paul.

    • Series 3 Episode 5

      Kirstie and Phil help lovebirds Howard Green and Joanna Holme seek a home for nesting just north of Manchester and a flat in Hull for a total budget of just £190,000.

    • Series 3 Episode 6

      Kirstie and Phil meet mother and daughter Gill and Sara Currie, who are desperate to swap their suburban lives in Twickenham for a country pub with bed and breakfast rooms.

    • Series 3 Episode 7

      Kirstie and Phil help a London couple who are fleeing Fulham for the fresh air and fabulous countryside of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.

    • Series 3 Episode 8

      It's a case of 'International Rescue' for Phil and Kirstie, as they come to the aid of cosmopolitan couple Max and Pia Patte, who want places both out of London and in Stockholm.

    • Series 3 Episode 9

      Kirstie Allsopp revisits Shane McCoubrey, a fashion designer who was on a mission to completely change his life with a move to the Kent coast.

    • Series 3 Episode 10

      Dean and Sam Brand were fed up with the daily grind and wanted to quit the Midlands for the Isle of Wight to start a new life. Kirstie revisits them to find out how they are faring.

    • Series 3 Episode 11

      Kirstie Allsopp revisits Steve Allum and Emma O'Neill 18 months after they swapped the bright city lights for a rural idyll in the Welsh countryside.

    • Series 3 Episode 12

      Kirstie and Phil revisit a couple they helped buy properties in Cheshire and Croydon. But how is the husband coping with living away from the family four days a week?

    • Series 3 Episode 13

      Kirstie visits Devon, catching up with Dawn and Simon Veal, 18 months after she and Phil helped them move from Surrey to a new life.

    • Series 3 Episode 14

      If your home doubled in value would you have the nerve to sell and use the cash to re-launch your life? Phil Spencer is back visiting Shane McCoubrey, a fashion designer who did just that.

    • Series 3 Episode 15

      Phil Spencer is back visiting Allison Green and Mark Thomas who sold their swanky London flat to buy a new life in the fresh air of the Kent coast after their daughter was born.

    • Series 3 Episode 16

      Phil returns to see how Fiona and Tom Butcher have fared in their property, while also setting up a new business and starting a family in Scotland.