Real Life Battle Rap

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      Cyclist vs Driver

      A classic traffic dispute between a cyclist and a driver, both with a case of road rage after a near collision, leads to a roadside battle rap

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled2 mins 23
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      Traffic Warden vs Motorist

      Angry motorist goes head-to-head with traffic warden in a battle settled with lyrical skill

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled3 mins 13
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      Bouncer vs Clubber

      A cocky clubber has to battle rap his way past a no-nonsense bouncer. Will he win him over? Unlikely!

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled3 mins 37
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      Charity Mugger vs Pedestrian

      A pushy chugger pressures the wrong passer-by into donating to charity. The two debate the controversial fundraising tactic with some lyrical skill.

      This episode is subtitled3 mins 23