Random Acts

    • Series 5 Episode 6

      A swimming pool receives some uninvited guests at night. Plus: a romantic dance-off, a surreal animated creature feature, pink balloons in hot pursuit of a young woman, and more.

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      Series 5 Episode 5

      A magical tapestry comes to life. Animator Qieer Wang provides a champagne bath for our emotions. Plus: a short film made to the sounds of a little-known Cocteau Twins B-side, and much more.

      This episode is subtitled23 mins
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      Series 5 Episode 4

      Botis Seva explores parenthood through dance. A teenager confronts her doppelgangers. Bernard Cribbins narrates a visual deep-dive into woodland nostalgia. An impactful artwork examines gun violence.

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled24 mins
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      Series 5 Episode 3

      Bodies collide in new configurations in an elegant movement piece. Social media gives an animator the blues. Plus: a vivid reflection of a fractured mind, and an animation of a gender-neutral plant.

      Adult themes and nudityThis episode is subtitled24 mins
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      Series 5 Episode 2

      An insta-perfect life is a waking nightmare. Noel Fielding plays a dying angel. A visual artist lights up a ghost town. African folklore meets fashion film. A dance group are animated in stop motion.

      Adult themesThis episode is subtitled23 mins
    • Series 5 Episode 1

      A Peckham auntie reclaims the streets on horseback. Plus: opera reimagined as a partially-nude fantasia, internet cats like you've never seen them before, a bird puppet jazz ensemble, and more.