Michael Blair Glynn (Pensions Administration Assistant, Lloyds Banking Group)

How do you define your disability?

I had a stroke at 11 years old that affects my right hand side. It also affects my brain and I take slightly longer or have to see something a few times before I understand what we are doing.

How does your company promote and support disability in the work place?

My company supports colleagues and customers in lots of different ways; from physical and non-physical workplace adjustments to a range of disability learning, including development courses for disabled colleagues and mental health e-learning for colleagues and line managers.

‘Access’ is our internal disability network, which provides events and support for disabled colleagues, allies and line managers.

Our customer-facing brands provide customer correspondence in alternative formats and include insight from disabled people in all their change plans.

Our group disability strategy includes mental health and is led by David Oldfield, Group Executive Sponsor for Disability. We also work closely with charities, including Mental Health UK and the National Autistic Society.

What words of encouragement would you give to disabled people looking to find success in the workplace?

Don’t worry about what you think people will say; do what makes you feel good.

Where can people find out more?

Our external websites for Bank of Scotland, Halifax and Lloyds Bank all provide information on how we support people with disabilities. You can find this by clicking ‘Accessibility’ at the foot of each homepage.

You can follow us on twitter @LBGDiversity where we communicate our inclusion and diversity plans, including disability.

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